I Love My Dad But He Isn't My Dna

Don't get me wrong I cherish my dad for raising me as his own but after having my own child I value knowing medical history as my son has the possibility of developing a few genetic conditions...... I have a number of undiagnosed conditions and half a family medical history. I always thought that my dad was my biological dad. That was until I was 9 years old and found mine and my older brother's birth certificates..... that was 14 years ago. My brother now knows about his father but doesn't want to meet him or find out more about him. I still have no idea about mine, my mum has told me one story claiming she doesn't know yet her twin brother and his wife (also a childhood friend) claim they know the identity of my father...... what should I do?
interestingMummy interestingMummy
22-25, F
Nov 29, 2012