New Chapter

So I'm 33 now. When I was 28 and had just battled and survived cancer for. Year, my mom found it time to share info with me. The man that I was raised to know as my true father really wasn't. That the only info she knew was of a man she ran away with when she was a late teen named Ron. But even that she wasn't sure if he was the true father for it was a rough time in her life. Now at 33 I still struggle to accept the fact that my kids nor I will never know my true paternal line. In addition and as important, what and if I have other half siblings out there. What became of 'him' and where did his life lead him too after such a you g tumultuous start. I love my three kids as much as any could and for that I take strength to love more. But at the end if the day the thought still haunts me as to who 'He' is.
Thor197933 Thor197933
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Same just happened to me at 21.... The lie is really painful.