My Patience Is Running Out

I have posted my story on the internet before, specifically on "The Anonymous Us Project". But here I go again, reaching out, in hopes that I will find someone I can relate with or someone I am biologically related to. So, here we go...

I was donor conceived, for those of you who don't know, being donor conceived consists of many things. First, let's start off with clearing a few things up. My biological father is a ***** donor yes, but you see, ***** donors do not in fact donate their *****, they sell it. And in my fathers case, they sell it to help pay their way through college. By selling their ***** they are essentially selling their children, and when we, the donor conceived people, understand that, we begin to feel dehumanized. Not only this but we are denied the basic rights of knowing our heritage. In many countries they have taken the anonymity out of ***** donation, but unfortunately, here in America, we still allow it. All I was given to know about my father was his donor number and some physical characteristics. I was also given information about a few of his interests and what he was majoring in in college. I've known about being donor conceived since I was 12, now I am 17, will be 18 next month, and I just began my search over the summer. I have so far found 1 half sister (out of at least 29 half siblings) and last week I found a great aunt on familytreeDNA (I recommend this site and if you are searching for relatives). My great aunts nephew is my biological father. When my great aunt and I were exchanging emails and found all of this out, she was of course frightened and said she would talk to my biological father and get back to me. I am scared beyond belief, scared that he may know I am looking for him/found him, scared that my great aunt will never respond, scared that I may find something I don't want to find and just scared of the unknown. I feel so lost, and I can't help but think about this all of the time. I wake up thinking about this, go throughout the day wondering and researching, I fall asleep and dream about it. There must be something I can do.

But for now, I guess I will wait. Unfortunately, my patience is running low and I know that soon I will have to reach out if my great aunt never responds. Wish me luck. I know I will need it.

Oh, by the way, if you are donor conceived and would ever like to talk to anyone about it, feel free to message me or something... I am always looking for someone to relate to.

Thanks for reading!
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I hope he's compassionate towards you. One candidate for my biological father was a jerk after a DNA test ruled him out! I don't put anything past anyone anymore.

I hope so too! & did you ever find your biological father?

Not yet. The other name my mom gave me is harder to pin down and I'm hesitant to start cold-calling leads. My uncle is active on and also suggests participating in DNA registries to search for relatives. I should stop procrastinating and do that!

I would definitely recommend doing so! I really enjoyed and familytreedna. At 23andme you can find a ton out about what diseases you may have, it is really interesting!