45 And Still Don't Know.

I was born in 1964, in Cinti Ohio, to a woman named Imogene aka Jeannie, she was married/seperated at the time to a man name John Jackson.

Jeannie (who already had 3 children) had a one night stand and decided to go out and enjoy the evening.

She had a one night stand with a man in the ARMY named William.  That is all I know.. 

How sad for me to be 45 and will never know my dad.  :(

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Hi Rinney,<br />
Im trying to help my partner out finding his father also. He never met him nor was he told who he was until he was a teen, and was told he was dead. Is your Mom still alive? Is this all the info she can pass on to you? We are on our hunt right now also. My husband is 36 and has never known his Dad either, never seen a photo, nothing other then a death certificate