When people ask me what my sexual preferences are, or filling in a form with 'straight, gay, other'...I have no idea how to answer it. Do I write the thing that people want to see? If I just circle 'straight', it makes things so much easier for everyone else.
Next time, I will make my own option;
"Use your imagination"

Because I haven't got a f**king clue.
rorenchan rorenchan
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2 Responses Nov 17, 2014

i just write "none of your business, doesnt affect the purpose of this application"

but...it makes me feel like I don't know myself. It's less about what people think, and the fact I don't even know what I think...it's a bit silly, really :S

i do recall being there ... then i found what it is i am interested in .. it's a mix, and i wont go into details here to attract the pervs lol ..
point is, you will find out soon enough :) .. or later .. but you will

nah, you write what you want. write that you're having an adventure and **** social norms :D