Please don't try to turn this into an argument, because I'm confused myself.
Let me explain.
I believe there is a place you go after you die, maybe not a Heaven, maybe not a Hell, but somewhere. I also believe that there may be a God of some sort. Maybe. Possibly reincarnation. But I also believe the bible is full of **** (no hate). I don't believe in Adam and Eve, or Noah's Ark or any of those stories. I don't believe any being created the Earth.
I believe mostly in science. I think?
I'm not sure if I summed everything up.
Just because I feel this way doesn't mean I'm going to bash your beliefs. Can anyone explain this? Can anyone relate? I'm explaining this in a hurry so it may not make sense.
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You obviously haven't read the bible. Of course you don't have to feel obligated to read it but Adam and Eve and Noah aren't the only 'stories' in the bible. Real or not, the book was written over 16 centuries... Even if people weren't prophets, you could learn a lot about different people and different walks. Not everyone who studies the bible is a believer. But it does help to read the thing before deciding it's full of ****. You're full of ****.

I'm not trashing you by trashing what you just said by the way. I'm just saying my opinion.( see what I did there??? Probably not)