Idk My Teen Son

I caught my son in so many lies, I don't know who he is. Over the past 10 years he's displayed childhood conduct disorder; chopping furniture with any object if destruction that he could obtain. Stolen valuables, non-valuables, compulsively lies (very complex & intricut stories of complete fabrication) and so much more.

For the last 16 years, I have believed him to be kindhearted, genuinly caring about others. Last week I caught him and his buddy with pot & booze, directly following a discussion about respect. I took his phone and caught him in more lies. Then busted him on FB and was able to access his private messages. I discovered that his girl and he have been plotting against me with the intent to start a smear campaign against me. He ran away.

I have found disturbing drawings of himself as a demon, and/or always a gas mask w/ blood coming out of the skull. Journals of confessions to his lies, lack of ability to be honest about anything, and his hatred toward me, and glorifying his deceased father.

His father was a sociopath personality, abandoned him at 10, and died when he was 14. I often worked 2-3 jobs to care for both of my kids, never receiving a cent of child support. But somehow my son has a completely different view, with a distorted memory.

I have had numerous cats go missing, starting around the time he stopped chopping up my furniture. I am fearful that he may kill me. What do I do?
momwithouthope momwithouthope
36-40, F
May 9, 2012