I Am A Stranger To Myself

Well basically i dont know myself at all. I dont know who i am, what i wanna do in this world, or what i am going to do now. I look in the mirror and see no one. I see a stranger. Someone i dont know and i ask myself who am i? and i can never answer it proudly. I dont know if other people are like this. I cant even name 100 things about myself. Im confused. Ughh...
AdoreDiiorx3 AdoreDiiorx3
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 2, 2011

I have the same problem. Im not sure what to do anymore or if i even want to live anymore. I was at an amazing concert last night and i promised a friend i would stay sober..which was stupid i should have rolled balls. Anyways when i saw this couple together, young, happy. I couldnt take it. i left. It wasn't worth watching. I've never had a true relationship and im tired of seeing everyone else experience things i will never be able to due to all my mental baggage and ******* up mind. I look good. People always tell me that. But that does me no ******* good when there is a monster in my head slowly gnawing away at me. I dont even know who that is btw my self identity is MIA.

I'm now 43 and I'm still like this. I had what I thought was an identity crisis a few years ago. Now I think I might have dissociated identities within me.