this girl i like we have been going back and forth, for a while now. we used to be really close but its like whenever i start to get back close with her something happens that brings us back to start, its usually something she does though, standing me up for plans we made and have done already. then her getting mad at me for not responding to apologies.

anyway i decided just tell her how i feel though, im sure she knows by how i act around her. rather its at work or just alone me and her. so i told her over text, i know the last thing i wanted to do, but i couldnt tell her at work and hanging out was starting to become a challenge for us. cause of school and all. anyway at first just asked if their was a problem and if it bothered her when i asked her to hang out/go out with me, cause if it is ill stop. she said no it isn't and asked me why would it bother her. long story short i told her i had feelings for her. she told me i caught her off guard.
Now two days after her bf which i assume knows what i said, (im close to her bf also). anyway she invites me to lunch with her and the girl i like which caught me off guard. anyway it didn't happen scheduling issues. now the next time i see her, it seemed a bit weird from her but we talked like normal. but as we were walking away i told her i was being serious, she asked about what, i told her about what i said to her the other day. she says yes she knows, kind of with a smile. if she was going to say something else it got cut off by people walking over to us. so we split.
that night i texted her about what we were talking about earlier. she never replied. so yea. bare in mind we have had the texting conversation week ago, she thinks im a terrible texter cause i dont make sense (grammar). i say she's bad cause she never replies. she says its because she doesn't understand what im talking about most of the time. not the first girl to tell me that. so i kind of believe her.
my friends believe im in a good stance cause she hasn't told me no but i dont know. i dont really wanna talk about it, to her, i just wanna cut through all the crap
also stats:
we have been out alone
posted pics together
but lately things have changed, the closeness comes and goes. the flirting also comes and goes, now lately it seems like we spend more time mad at each other than anything, especially since their over stupid things.
im struggling here cause i really like her, and i think their's a chance she may like me too
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Aug 27, 2014