I have no idea what ethnicity I am by blood because I am adopted and I do not know anything about my biological mother's origin. I know I am half-blood canadian indian from my father, but I know nothing about my mother. But I have been asked if I'm asian. I've been asked if I'm french. And I really hate people asking what ethnicity I am.

sweetie1989 sweetie1989
1 Response Mar 20, 2009

Do you really need to have an ethnic origin? <br />
If you feel you do then just tell people what you already know. Study that part of your heritage and get to know that part of your origins.<br />
Personally, I don't put much stock in your origins. Who you are is defined by how you are raised and by those who raised you. You decide who you are, not where your parents came from. <br />
Were you raised as a Canadian indian? Your ancestry and your origins are two different things.<br />
Be proud of who you are and not what people expect you to be. Be yourself.