I Hit the Keys Under My Palms

and I get sent some random experience like some weird program opens up but it takes half an hour and totally freezes all the computer, and makes it grind and groan, like its really wearing the cogs. I just got stuck in one after i spent ages writing a reply to my friend.. I was just about to sign off after doing like half an hour's writing and reading-up on another window to get the letter as informed as possible.. this Attatch a link thing started opeing, and I thought I'd lost my whole letter, but it was still there, came back for a bit and wouldnt let me do anything and i had to close it and sacrifice my writing.. I'll never be able to replicate the words, I'm not in the mood to try.. I have other people to respond to, too. I am sorry.. It was a good letter, I'll just have to write you something else later, Mary. Sorry.

I'm fed-up with EP now after that. I'll have to have a break. I want a new computer, this ones decrepit. :/

Right.. pancakes 'll cheer me up..


Oh yeah.. before i go.. what are all those numbered keys on the right for? Why cant you just use the ones on the top? Uhhh! that's not even the top.. What the heck are F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 etc.. for?? There's an annoying one above delete that makes stuff vanish.. that's a pain.. does anyone ever read the instructions on a computer anyway?


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4 Responses Mar 19, 2009

Yeah I leave to drink and use the bathroom too...but maybe the warnings are for those folks who don't know that you are supposed to get up and leave for those activites?<br />
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Hmm.....disturbing thought actually. :{<br />
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"The mysterious keys...to think that we've only explored a fraction of the potential of our computers "<br />
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I know....we're on our way to even deeper discoveries! The best is yet to come! :p

Yes, ignoring is the way to go :) I mean, I feel fine. Great in fact! Honestly...<br />
I'm not always at the keyboard. I take toilet breaks. I fetch drinks.<br />
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The mysterious keys...to think that we've only explored a fraction of the potential of our computers :O

I know Hobo....each one has a meaning, but when you combine the keys...oh joy! :{<br />
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Oh that is scary Musicspirit....about the dangers of a keyboard. I've found that the best thing to do is to ignore warnings like that..ignoring some things makes the troubles go away. Lol!!! Or at least, helps you forget about them. :p

That is one of the worst things to happen. All the thought and effort put into it...gone. I know the feeling, but I'm fortunate enough that it only happened to me once or twice. <br />
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I tried searching the internet to find out the use of those funny keys, but I felt a bit sick when I saw the amount of writing. I don't understand it! Here's the link to the wiki page if you want http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_keyboard<br />
The last thing I saw was how staying at the keyboard can give you serious injuries and that just made me feel a whole lot better -_- Especially seeing as I spend way too long at this thing.