What Do I Do From Here?

guess i'll start with school, graduated 2 years early and went straight to work in a grocery store, 2 years later i got fired because the manager had a grudge against female baggers. come to find out her ex husband left her for a bagger and she was taking it out on the girls at work by getting them fired. since then i've tried to dedicate my time to helping my family get outta the hole by helping them start their businesses and doing whatever i could to help around the house but lately i've realized i've lost myself in all this. i have no clue what i want to do from here other than make sure my 12-year-old lil brother doesn't make the same mistakes i made.. and im not even a kid-loving person. i don't like children, don't wanna have any just for the fact of as they grow, whatever mistakes you make around them could affect their mental health for the rest of their lives like my grandmother did to me. she sent me thru therapy for 4 years and i was diagnosed with everything under the sun: from depression to ADHD and border-line paranoia disorder. by the time i was 15, i was on 7 different meds and none of them were approved for children under 18. i grew up thinking the only important things in life was a job and money to pay for bills and since i have neither, i have no clue what im even doing breathing at this point. hope someone can give me some advice on how i get away from the thoughts of "life is only as important as your job statis or what school you're going to for a job". feel like my life means nothing without a steady paycheck and a real job...and i hate money btw, im the kind of girl who wud rather wearing gold plated ear rings with cubic zerconium than spend money on real gold and diamonds.
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First....just think bout the bagger job as just temporary. Dont think you'd want to work there forever anyways right? :-)
Second....there's endless possibilities for careers....you've got potential and a great future.
Hell....you've already got experience as a child therapist. :-) Your grandma screwed up. Kids are being handed meds waaaay too much these days. Some issues could be solved without the stupid meds. Im sorry that happened to you.
Btw - Cubic Zerconias are freaking beautiful!
There's soo much more to live than just money and a job. Reminds me of the story of the 'Mayoniase jar and two golf balls"

Here if you need to talk to someone :-)