Unbound the Wild Ride

Life has been a very confusing journey for me. For years I was sure what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a forensic psyhiatrist. I started working in a daycare and realized I was passionate about childcare. I then was a little torn on early childhood education / psychology. I decided to stick with psych!

My life got thrown around exactly two weeks after I graduated high school. I was hit head on by a driver who was not paying attention. Instead of spending my summer getting ready to go off to college with the rest of my friends.. I spent mine in a cast and then, relearning how to walk after a shattered ankle.

Now, two surgeries on my ankle, one on my wrist, and several surgeries later I would like to say my orthopedic problems are solved.. but sadly the severe arthritis I suffer from doesn't allow that. Unfortunately, my bones are the least of my worries.

I now am epileptic.. My seizures aren't controlled by medicine like most. I'm 21 now. A few years later. And what am I doing?

Sitting around.. applying for disability because I'm currently having seizures too often to work or go to school.

I'm a bloody mess. I feel so.. strange. I wonder if I'll ever work again or have a life. I wonder if I should even bother planning my life or my future?

I do think about it and I do have plans but when I think about it I get so down...

Side note: I don't mean this as a sob story.. I am actually a positive person!! I realize that I am 100000 times lucky to be alive and I appreciate every day I have. :)

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3 Responses Jun 1, 2009

First and foremost, the disability income is nothing grand, but medicare is priceless. I think getting your disability determination and getting under the care of a good medical team and getting your health as stabilized as possible would be your first priority. This will then in turn open up your options as far as what work you will be able to do. The internet offers so many opportunities for disabled folks to own their own business. The sky is the limit.

Thank for sharing your story. I think i never can be strong and brave as you are. With the positive thinking, i believe your health will get much better and you will succeed in anything you do.

Thank you for writing your story.. because its storys like this that motivate me to be a physical therapist and want to help people who get in accidents like this. Athough i know how you feel on wondering if i should even bothering with my future.. but storys like this make me want to try harder and not give up on what i want to do. no matter how hard it can be.<br />
thanks for sharing :)<br />
<br />
Ps.. what happended to the driver who wasn't paying attension?