Sometimes I Do, But Sometimes I Don't

Sometimes I want to have baby. But then I stop and think ... what the h3ll are you thinking!! I mean ... I'm not that young and I am older than my mom when she had her first kid. But its like "what the h3ll are you thinking". I see other people with their kids and you see the love in their eyes. And it is possible that the love a mother could have for her child is more love than a woman can have for anything else in her life. That is a love that can never be taken away. A love that can never be ruined. And I think perhaps that is the reason why I just smile and have this "twinkle" in my eye whenever I am around children. I have seven nephews and two nieces. The oldest being 18 years old and the youngest being oh well ... she isnt' born yet .. but she'll be introduced into the world in a couple of days. But I don't know why I keep thinking that I want a baby. Why?? I mean ... is my reason valid enough? I need to think about this more. [I think I am going crazy]
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1 Response Apr 10, 2007

Hold on, Wait! Before u think about having a baby think about this first. Can u by yourself support a baby, do u have time in your life to stay up all night sometimes caring for a child. I had a child when I just turned 18 and if I could I would turn back the hands of time because I had no income, no stable father, not much to offer her but my love. So u really need to think about yor future plans in life because believe me, my daughter is 6 now and it has been a long, hard journey. I still haven't finished school. But I will be done in 2 more years. So u really have to think about yourself and what u have to offer a child besides your love.