What Do I Like To Do Mr Interviewer?...

Wow - I hate this question! It is something that defines you, puts you in  box, the heart of a person and yet I realise that I have no clue what I like to do.  I wonder what I actually do do... I know I like to sit in a coffee shop and watch the world.. but that is it?... I use the question myself interviewing people even, but I dont even know the answer to it myself, or how to find out.. 

kingofnothing kingofnothing
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2 Responses Feb 20, 2010

haha thanks zotz123 - let out a big smile seeing that.

Chilll, friend, cihll!<br />
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I doesn't matter a hog's hind hair whether you can answer this question or not! Don't feel bad or put down. Most all people aren't ready at all times to answer jumping jack questioners. Take it easy! In your good time you'll have plenty of answers available to questions you think are legitimate. As for the others, feh! Who cares? Don't let them put you down! What they're doing is one kind of oppression! Tell them to go **** themselves, unless you're too polite. Your world is yours! Not theirs! Resist oppression!