I Want To Be A Scientist But

most scientists act as if they know everything. Isnt the point of sciene to learn about the earth not assume you know everything already? Even ridiculous sounding ideas like the fact Plants may be able to think and feel has been proven as far as im concerned. look here > http://www.ceveni.com/2010/02/can-plants-see-hear-think-and-feel.html

or here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/10598926 But mainstream scientists refuse to investigate the experiments or even try to replicate them. Writing them off as ridiculous. As would im sure, any of the sciene teachers at my school.

I guess im still kind of pissed at my bio teacher because when i asked that since humans are "aware" isnt it possible our cells are "aware" to a certain extent, like our consciousness is transferred to our cells... and she looked at me like i was retarded. :/ She ended up making fun of me in her answer. but so what? so my ideas are a little far fetched sounding to you and your perfect little science world of logic. But that doesn't mean that it isnt possible. That doesnt mean in the future, someone may come along and prove my idea, that you wrote off as dumb, and prove it to be true. Just like the notion plants are intelligent. Who would be the dumb one then? you, who never considered it and didnt even try to think of it realistically or someone who looked at it as a possibility and actually proved it? Is ignorance really bliss? Is it really the best option not to keep an open mind, esp, when let me remind you, we barely know much at all about our world. Im not sure, if i ever became a scientist, i could stand the people around me :/ Science is supposed to open your mind not close it. Knowing a lot about something doesnt mean you know everything about it, it certainly doesnt mean you have a right to beat people down with it either. If i had studied Science for 14 years like my teacher, i would know just as much as she did. Probably More. I was going to feel stupid for asking that question, but you know what, thats what i actually thought, so maybe i am an idiot. But at least im not a closed minded fool.
kittycat101303 kittycat101303
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Jul 28, 2010