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Love Or No Love?

I m getting really scared of falling for anyone. Because i know if i fail again, any strength to be with someone will be totally gone. I wish someone amazing can pull me back and assure me that i m truly appreciated for who I m and he loves me with all his heart and wont let go of me for anything. Maybe i dont need that kind of love yet..all I want is someone who can be like me long enough to maintain a real relationship. Someone whom i can talk openly with. Someone needs me. Even though being unhappy wont help, i think i would rather be unhappy instead of having the sick optimisms like before - optimisms always blinded me in relationships. i have tried dating a few men lately , but then i felt none of them truly had passion about me. There was good-looking and well-mannered guy whom i like quite a lot, but then knowing hes a Sagittarius and his fussy nature, i know chance is slim. If i couldnt work out with other guys, why would anything great happen with this very nice but picky man? I m ashamed of thinking about him way too much. I m afraid of having hopes for anyone. I wish i could stop having dates but i cant get rid of the images of the last boy if i m still alone. Dont get me wrong. i still love myself for who i m and dont want to change it but i m really sorry that the real me is not as attractive as i thought.
MissisNobody MissisNobody 18-21, F 4 Responses Aug 22, 2011

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I'm also so so so much afraid of falling again bcoz i was badly betrayed . I cant trust ppl , i cant love the person like i loved him . I mean i may love that person , but cant sacrifice all and everything everytime for him what i did before , i feel i have lost the strength to be with that person . I'm too fragile now . I will break the relation anytime if he hurts me very little ......he have to do all things for me ... But i understand i need someone who will love me the way i am , i can share my heart openly , our mentality should match , he will never hurt me , actually he have to maintain the relationship . Bcoz most of the times im not normal , i'm in trauma , he have to adjust all.......i loose my temper easily now

i wish i could meet someone like this guy. :) i m sure u will open up more to him one day because it seems he deserves that

Sure, it's hard to be. But if one adheres to the principle, the rewards can be great.<br />
I have experienced in years. (and I'm not dead yet) ... LOL

patience is really tough for me. :)

It is true that we sometimes wonder who will be the person we love and when we go to meet her/him.<br />
The best is always patience. is a difficult virtue, but fate organizes things better that our desires of the moment.<br />
The ideal partner and will be one of our life is always well hidden at first, and is very often quite close to us, but we are so blind and in a hurry.