What Do Think This Is Going To Be About I'll Let The Reader Descide

I have recently experienced a lot of emotions in a very short amount of time. Anger, sorrow, happiness, ect. I had a relationship with this girl who didn't see what we had anymore and the thing is I wanted her more than ever I would of changed for her be more assertive not second guessing things. I wasn't even mad just sad but I couldnt cry I had to be tough in front of my family. I've accepted that but it just feels like I have two tons on my shoulders. And with the fireworks going off on the 4th I felt something strange inside me not sad nor happy i cant explain it. I did bad on my first 5k after being out from a injury I was reborn I'm stronger and more determined. I look back at the old me how nice and innocient but always stepped on but not anymore Im still a nice guy but life has changed me I'm more something i dont even know the word . I talk to people sometimes who need somebody to talk to who everybody else neglects because they dont understand. I don't understand myself but Im there for them. Sometimes people need to open up to someone. I hate opening up to people everytime im treated like a outsider. I dont drink or smoke and nobody would ever think I would think like this. I re inveted myself to get more friends because growing up I was never popular( still aren't) and that one kid you never remember never got the girl but last year I introduced myself to people in my school I never met called socially awkward but I've changed again and now I'm more sufficent more capable more understanding more emotionless. On the outside you'd never know that but on the inside this is who I am. Many things are uncertain in my future but one thing is and that is I'm going to make it.
Yort18 Yort18
Jul 30, 2012