I Am the Most Confused Person In the Whole Wide World

I have no clue what I want anymore.  I was the kind of person who used to know exactly where I wanted to be and the kind of people I wanted near me and now I feel like I've lost myself and my dreams or something.  I lost a man I loved immensely, college seems like a waste of time right now, my best friend is miserable, and overall I feel like I'm not properly moving on in my life.  I want to be better and do better things and feel better, you know.  I just don't know how to get there.

rocknroll88 rocknroll88
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2 Responses Jul 21, 2008

I am going through the same thing. I don't know if you still are since your post was in 2008, but if you did find out how to get past being stuck. I would really appreciate an answer, cause right now I just don't see any. I wanted to be Production Designer, and I was doing really well. I worked on Hollywood movies and television. But I hated living in Los Angeles and I didn't get to be creative which is why I liked film in the first place and I loved it in college. But I hated working in the industry, I just couldn't put on the fake happy face anymore. I still get calls to work, which makes me wonder if I made the right decision in moving back home. I've thought about real estate or wedding designing, but I can't seem to put a full step towards either one, I'm just kind of floating without a compass. And my boyfriend is in a completely other state which doesn't make things any easier in trying to decide whether to move there with him. His coaching career is as crazy as film, requiring being where the work is, long hours, and constantly moving. Both film and coaching are lifestyles, and I'm excited to live his lifestyle since I couldn't stand mine. But, I can't stand being a stay at home mom one day, and being lost in my life right now, it's all overwhelming. It's like the kid I was wishing on stars through college and fighting to break into the film industry is completely gone. I have no motivation and I feel like I have depression. Any thoughts on your experience would be great.

Same place you're at. Letting time pass for the moment. But tell me when you've found an answer :)