Just An Example

I was coming out of the green room today, when I saw someone I knew, but hadn't talked to in a while. She asked where I was coming from, I told her the drama club meeting. She asked about the big red toolbox I was carrying, and I told her it was the supplies for my baking class. She said "Wow, that's an odd combination", and asked what my major is. So I told her. It's graphic design.

garbanzobean garbanzobean
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3 Responses Sep 29, 2008

I often wonder what I want too. In a way, I think that is normal for people our age. It is good that you decided to take baking classes and join the drama club on top of your major in graphic design. It is good to have a broad background, but don't spread yourself too thin. The best thing I could say is do what I do: keep doing what you enjoy and don't be afraid to try new things. Hopefully we will eventually figure out what we want!

Yup, confused me too. Hiehiehie

And here I was thinking that this story was about something else.... good thing I read it, huh?