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Doesnt Make Sence,,

We all have something that we really want, that one thing we want desperately more than anything else.

Well ive been faced with a chance to get what ive desperately wanted, except now...i dunno if i want it anymore, Why does this happen... What do i do??


username13 username13 26-30, M 2 Responses Mar 31, 2009

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Thanks for you reply BrotherOfTheLeavZ.<br />
Its probably more of a "i cant maintain it" thing. Ill be more specific, Its the chance to know someone who seems to understand, but ive been thinking maybe i should just fly solo as i always have done.

Is it such that a 'rarity of chance' is what you adore most? To 'possess the ob<x>ject' of your desire' fails the summation of the ideal? Perhaps you are more self-indentified in your own psychological construct. <br />
<br />
Or, do you feel undeserving. Not responsable enough to 'maintain' a balanced relationship [with it]?<br />
<br />
Ask these : Is it true<br />
Is neccessary<br />
Is kind<br />
<br />
If you can pass IT on to another ,do so. You just might enjoy it.<br />
<br />
As to; "why?" Because we've accepted the static notions of: "...."I'll never", " I don't think I could", "It'll never" and so on.. I hear it all the time IE: Positive attitude/idea-statement>~~~~~~