I Know...

I know that there are many, many things that I want to experience.  Yet it is like the difficulty of freedom of choice, all those options- which are the correct ones?  What if i steer it by due to fear?  What if I fling away what I have for a philisophy, an ideology but not something I can feel and touch and exist within.

My career is elusive to me, as are many aspects of my life.  I want to have a general idea of what direction I should be heading, am I on the right path, are there any signposts that let me know, that is all I ask for. 

What if I am losing valuable time playing around on a lane that comes to a dead end and sunsets and energy wanes before I can get on the right path?

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Relatively few people know, without a doubt, what they must do with their lives. (It is usually creative artists who do know where their journey lies, often against much opposition).

Unless you are really unhappy with the way your life is leading, just try to do the best you can and enjoy it. I know plenty of people who just flitted about from one thing to another and ended up much more dissatisfied than if they had pursued just one of them with dedication.

You are one of those talented people, who could do well in a whole variety of areas. Whatever you do, you are a good communicator and thinker, so make sure that those parts of you are used!

Keep preparing as best you can, but trust that you will be shown where you need to be.

So then try them all one by one. Choose the freedom of doing so.


listen to that quite inner voice within you that says, "come to los angeles, chill with copper.. "

close your eyes ... re open them and re invent yourself. do it now before you get stuck.

do it everyday live everyday..

don't let anything hold you back.