I am 27 and I have Dyscalculia which basically means I suck at math, time management, and distances. Anything with math and I'm lost. I have my massage license and recently I just renewed it. I also have to renew or choose a different massage insurance. I have been working at the same job for four years, unfortunately it's per diem. My massage school didn't provide me with sufficient education to work anywhere. :( I need to learn more massage modalities but I don't have the money. I feel stuck. I am moving to Gloucester, Massachusetts and I hope my life changes. I used to want to work in human services and I still kind of do, but my parents don't me I can only kite with them for 2-3 more years. :( Eek! I am also interested in going to school to be a occupational or physical therapy assistant. I shadowed people In these professions and it was interesting. There's many careers I would not do well in because I am horrible with math and I process information slow. Any advice would be helpful!!
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Darling, listen to me. You are going to do amazingly fine open your self up to the universe and allow it to bring you the best career which will allow you to utilize all that you are naturally. Do not allow you fears and insecurities to control you. Your Dyscalculia may be an obstacle but do not accept your self as being a broken piece of merchandise. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. Take thing's in simple steps and live each day as it is and forget yesterday and tomorrow. If I have learned one thing it's that getting up and moving to a new location won't magically fix everything it really won't. You have to work with what you have where you are and when you do decide to move to another place you must do so in a very well planned way. Especially if you have thought patterns that keep creating obstacles they will follow you. As someone who works in an alternative forms of health practice you might be familer with Louise L hay she's a wonderful author and wrote a book called you can heal your life I think theres lot's of knowledge in there that can help you. I see often that you beat yourself up quite a lot and call your self a loser for still living at home and such none of which is true. These negative thought patterns have to go hunny you are worth more :)

Thanks what you said has really truly touched my heart. All of my life I have been my worst enemy and I have a numbness a void that overcomes me and It It's my depression. It's a long story but I know the move will do me good. This town this life I have now it's making things worse. There are more jobs where I am moving and my parents will be with me. I'm going to find a case manager to help me find work. Also I connected with a massage mentor that will help me for free. The only bad part she is an hour away from Gloucester but I have a car and there's also many different transportation choices. She said I can be an independent contractor for massage therapy. I am already licensed I just need to get massage insurance again. I have connected with one other massage therapist as well that said I could get feedback from her about massage techniques. I just need to save for a massage chair. I already have a table and oils and lotions. :) I will definitely read her book. I have heard about her on Facebook she has many quotes that I love. :)

That's really exciting I'm really glad that you are going to this new town then it probably feels a bit fresher to open a new page in a book. I'm going to pray and send lot's of good vibes for you to get that chair and all the success you need and deserve. There's a you that's glowing and dying to burst into existence and I think you can feel that this move will be planting a seed that will grow into the flower that you are meant to be :).

I hope so!! Wow you should write a book. You move me so much my heart feels like bursting. I feel spiritually connected with you. :D God bless. Idk if you're Christian or whatever so I hope you don't mind I say that. I feel my heart glows and dies with every emotion I feel. I want to learn who I am without anyone telling me who I am. I want to move people when I write stories. I want to be proud of myself and have others be proud of me. Of course God first. :) I want to be better. I want to stop searching and wanting and to just be happy with who I am and my life.

I will talk to you on here tomorrow I'm peopling out for the night

Ok if I'm not on still message me and I'll get back to you. I work alot at night. I'm glad we talked. You're a special person my new friend. You're epic on every spiritual level!! And just are!! Hee hee Night, Hugs, Peace, Blessings and sweet serene dreams feisty wizard :)

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