Well hi, this is my bit ! I have depression and social anxiety, I have failed at just about everything my whole life. My teenage years were a mess, now Im 23 years old with no education, married (about to be divorced) with a 3 year old. I have started slowing waking up over the last 2 years and realized I have to do something with my life I dont want my life to be as misreable as my past and I dont want my son to ever suffer. My problem now is I have no idea want I want to do with my life. I go throu stages which last a month at a time because I get dicouraged and I feel like I wont succeed so I give up. I need to find my passion but I have no idea where to look or how to find it.

endlesslysearching endlesslysearching
1 Response Mar 15, 2009

Hello. I have just randomly joined this website in a desperate attempt to sort my life out. Your story in particular struck a chord with me. I too am 23, suffer from depression and social anxiety and have very limiting qualifications. I empathise with you completely and just wanted you to know that, although it may seem like it at times, you are not alone. Best of luck in whatever you do next.