Cause I Have to

When i finished school i didn't know what i want to study. My parents said i should make a decision cause they don't want me sitting at home or just getting a simple job in the home town. So without thinking i just decided on hospitality management, i went on to do my first year.
It was ok but as time went by i really hated it. i finished my first year and wanted to tell my folks i want to study something else. They told me they spend so much money for this and that i can't just throw it away and waist their money like that.

I really don't like it when she puts me on a guilt trip. So what i did is move to a different country make my own money, pay them. Still don't know what i want to 'be one day'. But just the fact that they want me to study =, that i have to study. Some parents are like that. Three years on i just want to find myself, find what i truly like, what i want in life i am taking it slow. cos i don't want a job that feels like work. Nowadays life is like that work go to sleep more work at a job you don't like. Well i don't want that for my self.

*Sot it if i take my time*
lynx lynx
18-21, F
Jul 2, 2007