It Is Exhausting~

Why is everything constantly changing on EP? The truth is.......most people don't like changes.

Just when I think I am learning how to navigate this site comfortably I find that everything is different.

I don't get the token system at all, one day I had 180 tokens and then suddenly I had 75 tokens ? Now I have only a few tokens. I was earning tokens by commenting on stories, but then one day I commented and commented and commented and got no tokens? I was here for a year before I ever had a token..that was fine, I still had friends and wrote stories.....

I don't understand, why did they change something that was working just fine?
hillbillycrone hillbillycrone
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3 Responses May 13, 2012

All these ads coming up all the time is very annoying. I find this site is slow enough without ads,

I agree!

Go figure? :-) Who knows? <br />
<br />
I suppose that it really doesn't matter, tokens are niether here nor there.....The real heart of EP is in the stories and the bonds that come from connecting with others through writing, reading and commenting on the stories and the support and encouragement found here on this site, we all need to feel supported, don't we? The rest is "fluff" designed to appeal to the side of us that is used to being a<br />
"chronic consumer" ~ I amuse myself for fretting over tokens....I don't have any EP friends that care about EP gifts bought with EP tokens, my pals are spirtual types that gift with their words and with their personal kindness and care.

I agree - I get rather embarrassed by gifts and gestures. These I suppose are for the teens

that is so true some times you get tokens for no reason and then sometimes you will comment on lots of storys and get none . go figure.happy belated mothers day hon.

Thank You very much hon!!!

thank you almost like gas rewards at the grocery store they expire after so many months.