Too Old to Know the Difference ...

I'm surprised I'm the first to mention this, and don't believe I' m the only one ...  through no fault of my own, my dad ended up with eight kids.  Dedicated his life to doing his best, and he did alright ...  What I never told him before he passed was how much I appreciated his longsightedness.  We all care like he did, because he did ...

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You're worth a tad of heart-space as well L :) ... I'm okay ... don't worry about me :) ... but Thanks! :) ...

Thanks L *hug* :) ... we were kind of at odds near the time he passed away ... being silent about his cancer, I was butting heads on ideas with him, when they were the farthest thing from his mind, at the time, I would imagine ... but he liked my gumption, and patiently let me find out for myself ... that was his way :) ... When I realized how selfless he was being, he just looked at me knowingly, and told me I'd be alright :) ... I'll believe him :)

Yes ... you have that, and that's a lot ... Although I never knew what it was like to have a mother myself ... I know I was taught well enough ... Thanks JoJo :) ...

What a beautiful and loving tribute to a wonderful Dad who raised you into the kind and sweet man you are today! <br />
<br />
I'm so thankful I have such a wonderful Mother. My Father was not a warm loving sort, but he was there and I learned to set aside things and to love him in my adult years before he died. At least I have that!

He showed me how much respect came with being a good man ... and I would like to be respected like he was :) ... Thanks for the kind words :) ...

Sounds like you had a dad in a million.

I don't personally know of any support groups to deal with dating mother figures as I never did that, and never felt I wanted a replacement mother either ... instead I learned a deep respect for what a woman can do to enrich a man's life.

Hi, I feel like I don't have a Mother and I'm looking for some kind of support or self help group. Does anyone know of anything? I have a Mum, I mean, she's alive but I never felt like she was my Mum, just a person to put up with in my life...and since the age of 11 I've been searching around for other older women to take her place and Mother me. Of course this works for a while, but I must have been through atleast 6 substitute Mothers now and they all just get bored and leave me in the end. It's a really destructive circle to be going around in. I just don't feel loved, I feel totally alone and I'm SO jealous of people who get on well with their Mums. This is a relationship I'm never going to experience and that makes me really sad.... Any help anyone..?

He made it look too easy ... And by seeing his manner and purpose, it was the way to go, although we didn't always see similar views on things, it was cool.<br />
Thanks ladies :)

Yes, he went above and beyond gladly and never lost his sense of decency, and never lost his sense of humour :), quiet and calm ...<br />
Thanks for the comment, I know not everyone is as fortunate ...

Happy that you shared. what a great dad you had growing up.

That would be worse than having no mother at all, if she couldn't nurture you properly. I'm so sad that you couldn't have a loving father either, you were truely ripped off. Life has rewarded your sacrifice by turning you into an amazing woman in your own right though... Respect!