Confussed In Life

Since I was a little girl I always wanted to go to University, back then I never planned on what I was going to do other than I wanted so badly to work with Animals. As I got older it changed to becoming an Occupation Therapist. When I left school I left because of bullies, I had never fitted in the School was rough and I led a very sheltered childhood due to the area being so bad. I had left early so I went to college, doing a course in Office studies, it was a let down as It did not have much to it. After leaving my family moved further away than expected so I settled into a job as a carer which was enjoyable - a year past and I met my now husband, and I ended up falling pregnant. My mother said if I ever did want to go back to Education she would help out. I lost my mother to a dangerous drive a few weeks after she said that, and I have been fighting for Justice every since, I know alot about Dangerous Driving laws, and after putting so much effort into fighting with MSP's and MP's I feel I have used up so many years fighting rather than looking to the future.

I know I want to work in a career that ensures safe driving, or just something that focuses on making it easier on families who have lost. Even road safety laws but I am confused as to what exactly would satisfy my feeling I need to do something in this area.

Any one have any ideas? I am starting a Combined Social Sciences Degree with Politics at the OU, as this comes closer to my interests than anything else but at the other end of it all I am stumped.
Karen4Justice Karen4Justice
26-30, F
Jun 7, 2011