My First Night Without My Ex...

It was internet/long distance...I have my own life to think of now. Scary and thrilling!

I'm disappointed in her decision to leave but excited for me. I miss her genuine "I Love You" but I have to move on.

Good luck, starshine...
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My mate....

Sammy Jo xx

Life goes on...and so will you, are, are brilliant....and I am so proud to know mate for...**** many years now? You were one of the very first people I ever talked to on here, Felice....

And....I've always got your back...


Sammy Jo xx

It's just a crappy situation because I was a loving partner.

Thank you Sammy Jo, my love. Xx

It was...yeah. My relationship of eleven months collapsed around my head about a month ago. It was a long-distance as well. But as you said...things to plan for my own life, things to look forward to...things to plan, things to do. More new possibilities, more new chances...

And who knows...maybe a chance at magic, right?

I tried my best to help her love herself.... *sigh*
Romantic love is for poetry, not people. Thanks for caring.

That's a pretty hard to try to help someone to love themselves

They have to help/find themselves first

Take care.

I agree with the cat. Getting people to like themselves is much harder than getting them to like others. Kinda counter-intuitive, but that's human beings for you...

My first night without my EX I felt the same...scary and thrilling.....then I went to shops and purchased a frozen dinner and somewhat realized that life goes on.

I just wish she would have not rushed in and out of the's confusing.