Things Can Change In An Instant

Some experiences I've had in the last three years have taught me this: Everything you think you have, everything you think is stable and secure and never going to leave you, can fly away from you in a very short space of time. I know that sounds a little depressive -- and believe me, I was depressed. But the last three years of my life have just proven to me that I really never do know what my future holds. I surely didn't picture myself as the person I am now, doing what I am doing now... but who I am now and what I do is not necessarily bad. It's just different.

So I guess my point with all this is that we can never really know what our futures hold, although we often try to plan for things, and predict based on past knowledge what may hold true later on. But sometimes completely random and life-changing events can just alter you, and alter your world, to a point that you would not have believed before it actually happened. That seems to be the way of things so often that I wonder if most people will not actually have at least one or two of these same sudden life-changing incidents.

nosouvenirs nosouvenirs
31-35, F
Aug 14, 2008