I Don't Know What Sex Is

All I know is masturb..... That is all, and I am tired of that. I just find myself everyday, getting excited to masturb... I don't want that, and it destroys my body. Not only that, I don't have any friends, and I always say one more time. Just one more time. Why did I have to love masturbat... It is like a cancer, it spreads, and spreads. The worse thing, is that I am trying to find reasons to keep going with it. Then other people tell me that it is cool. NO IT IS NOT. ************ make your body feel changes it is not suppose to do. I am probably doing a high amount of damage to my body. My body already used to me ******* it off. I don't like it. My ***** is not even in my testicles. But I always seem like I am going on a record-breaking streak. That is why I need to get laid. LAID! Otherwise, this is going to haunt me for the rest of my life. I need to get out during the day, and go places. I first, got to stop wearing black clothes, also, stop thinking that everything ties to masturb..... because it don't. The problem with masturb....., 1 it damages the body, the body is not supposed to ****** like that. So I am not being healthy. 2, I am covering it up for never getting laid, that is all it is. I can't get sex, so let me do that. It kinda like me saying, I can't get a job right now, so let me rob a bank, or sell some drugs. That was it is exactly, My body don't deserve it, it deserve, a woman body part between her legs. That is no excuse for me, I don't want to be a loser, and I know other guys don't want to either. I just need to control my worriness, and stop thinking that I am doing this in-spite of mastur..... I want to have sex, because 1, that is what I should be doing, I can't twist reality the way I want to be. never going to happen, never will happen. I need to just grow-up and get some action, even if it means taking the bus. See, what scares me, is that I tried to stop ************, and then I went right back to it. I got to get laid.

chicago54 chicago54
22-25, M
Mar 7, 2010