Another One Sided Sacm?

My daughter that's in the Army has just told me that she wants to claim me as a military dependent.  The last time she made this same statement she let me think that I would be moving to be near her regardless as to whether the application was approved or not--because she loved me soooo much and just wanted me with her.  She didn't say a word while I gave away my furniture and personal items and threw away things that I would normally have kept.  It took 30 days for the decision to come back.  30 days.  Once it came back denied THEN she decides to tell me that she didn't want me with her unless it was as a dependent.  That information should have been brought up BEFORE I gave away my possessions!!!  So now I had literally nothing and had to start all over again.  That was 3 years ago. This was a catalyst for everything that followed and although SHE was the one who'd done several things that hurt and cost me, she turned against me and became hateful and extremely disrespectful even going so far as to call me a spoiled brat because I told her that I needed the money back that I had loaned her which she said she'd ALREADY sent Western Union--she lied.  I have better sense than to give my things away again!!!  I know her trying to get me as a dependent is NOT for my benefit but for her own.  I would benefit from it, but it's not for my sake that she'd try.  She got denied last time because the information wasn't thorough.  This time I provided it and it should be approved.  BUT, before she even submits it I told her that she needs to consider that I will more than likely move to where she is.  There is no military affiliation in this city and it would serve no purpose to be a military dependent and not be able to use the benefits.  I'm guessing this little bit of information will influence her to NOT put in the application afterall.   I NEED the medical assistance that will be provided which is why I would need to move to a military town.  I doubt if she thought that I'd want to move there!  I'll see where she goes with this idea now.  I have alternative places that I could go to but I wanted to see what she would do with this situation first.  It's kinda callin her intentions out. 
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Aug 16, 2007