I Have No Clue

 The strangest and oddest thing happened last night. I went to sleep early as usual not feeling well. Also we have no heat the heating system died yesterday. I remember being cold and the next thing i am awakened from my sleep to. Who the hell is leaving you messages?

I did not at first even realize that he was speaking to me. There was a message left on my sons cell phone which i have been using during his punishment. My husband says he heard the phone ringing but could not find it but when he attempted to answer the call the call had reached voice mail. He also said the call was private. I listened to the message which is not to audible and do not recognize the voice. I also am sure that i am not speaking to any one who would leave a message like the one that my husbands claims was left. He says the man says his name something about last week and that it included my husbands name saying he was there and i love you and call me back. My husband though appeared calm. 

I at first did not even know how to react since things have been so bad between us but he said he did not want to fight and he believed me when i said i did not know the person. He said he was going to find out if he could get someone to make the message clearer so we can find out who it is. I know that call was not meant for me and that i don't know who that person is. I told him to go ahead and do what he wanted since i to was curious about the message. The good thing is that when he gets to the bottom of it he'll see that it has nothing to do with me. 

What does worry me is that we have not fought in two weeks and i want to keep it that way he says he also wants to keep things peaceful but the truth is that the message is weird and with the current history of us this could turn ugly. But my conscious is clear so i go on as normal. This morning i again mentioned the call and told him that it was bizarre and i wanted him to find out what it's about it could just be one of the kids playing but he was cordial and pleasant this morning.    

JReddz JReddz
36-40, F
Feb 20, 2009