I have been dating my boyfriend for about 3 years, i am still young so we do not live together but we basically do. He used to have 2 dogs that he loved and had before he met me, a couple of months ago both of his dogs were put down so he was very upset. One day he asked me to look at other dogs for him to get (preferablly a pitbull) we found one on craigslist and the next day he went it got it. I did not know he was going to end up getting the dog that same day, nor was i ready for him to take on that responsibility and he was not either but he did it anyways. We now fight because the dog is awful. Growls at me, sleeps in my spot, acts like it is a competition between me and her towards my boyfriend. I fight with him over it because i have been pushed off the bed, bit at and i did not want this! He says its rediculous that i am "bitching" over a dog but i do not think it is, i just want my boyfriend back and all he has been doing is breaking things off with me because he is stressed over the dog. He knew he was not ready for this and i know too and have told him but he does not care what i have to say because he says the dog is not going anywhere.. What should i do?
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1 Response Mar 14, 2016

It seems simple, if he cared about you at all he would not even think twice about getting rid of the dog. I say get out quick, maybe he and the dog can bond even closer.

I agree with Mktonght. From what it seems.. He doesn't really care about much at all BUT the dog and himself. Get out quick!