Facing the Boys...

i got 5As out of 8As for last year's PMR exams and i got to go to Alor Star Technique(ASTECH) in mechanical engineering course. im a bit nervous and don't know what to do with schools and my classmates cuz there are 25 boys + 3 girls including me!! so, its kinda hard to stay. but what i really feel is, im totally in love with this school. believe me, out of 3 schools i've been, this is the only school that i think i will love, stay, and have lots of memories with. but the problem is, how can i cope with a class full of boys for two whole years more? how can i present oral test in front of all the boys when i'm kind of an introvert? how to make friends with all of them? how to be confident? can anyone help me??

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2 Responses Mar 14, 2009

well, actually all my life i would prefer 2 make friends with boys cuz they're more easy 2 talk 2 n i found i had lots of commons with boys. ya know, like u said, all those action stuff. girls r pain in the ***(no offense). i tried conversing with them n they seemed 2 take it slowly. maybe they were not used having a girl as a friend. they seemed a bit awkward 2 communicate with me. well, probably it's my own fault cuz i don't talk much.

All of my friends are boys, it's not that hard, especially once you get used to them :]<br />
Just talk to them like you would anyone else. There may be a lot more conversations about bloody action movies but it isn't all that bad<br />
<br />
Congratulations about getting into a school you like! I hope you can do well and have the fun you deserve :]