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Is it any wonder I'm glad to be graduating soon?  Listening to classmates talk about new drinking games, who's with who and how they've "found their high food" is begining to take a toll.  I've known a lot of these people since second grade and my mom went to school with their parents (I'm distantly related to half the school actually)

It's even more terrifying to think that these people will be taking care of their parents in a couple decades.  I'd be horrified for myself if I heard my children talk like this

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Yes, it can be difficult to deal with such behavior. I hope you are able to find other kindred spirits in college. And shockingly, most people do mature and some even become responsible adults.

Wow, Akron isn't far from here.<br />
I saw that you do seem to be well-traveled on your profile. You're really the first person I've met who was able to peg that much about me without being outright told or knowing me in person, I'm quite shocked there are people like me in fact, haha.<br />
Hooray for virtual hugs! :D

Hey I'm all about the hugs. You want some too KissinCoffin?~ >:P

Well yes, I can certainly identify with you. While I've shared similar experiences with you, I've always been much traveled. You will come to meet such like-minded souls in your travels and you will come to see this in your own coming journey.<br />
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Interestingly enough, one of my best buddies here is from Akron and grew up very much like you. We naturally gravitated towards one another and are quite close. Lovely young man, he is.<br />
<br />
And virtual hug received and appreciated, friend. ;)

give him virtual bear hugs then. lol

Why can't I travel through cyberspace, find you and hug you?<br />
That, wow, that sounds spot-on<br />
I guess you're a lot the same then

Lemme take a wild stab in the dark. <br />
<br />
Looks like you're from Ohio. Perhaps a small hicktown in the middle of nowhere, typical rural MW, surrounded by the same generic group of myopic drones who're completely mired in a sedentary lifestyle and can't imagine life outside of their own county, much less the state. <br />
<br />
You always felt out of place, that your value system never coincided with any around you, and their incessant ties to acts of wanton immaturity and boorishness raked against your nerve. You've always been mature for your age (an old soul), a quiet intellectual with dreams of something more, to travel, and experience. You don't wanna get trapped in the same cycle as the people around you, that there's more to life than that etc...<br />
<br />
How's my aim?

Thanks a lot<br />
I'll keep that in mind and try to put myself out there at last, break this shy-shell<br />
I hope I'm the type of person you're thinking of :]

It's all a matter of keeping an open mind, staying positive... just tell yourself you WILL enjoy come whatever and just jump in. Repeat process. Eventually you'll come to enjoy it, IF you're the type of person you seem to be, that is. You'll never look back. It'll broaden your horizons and you'll gain and grow in ways that'll impress you. You're in for a treat girl.<br />
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And those fears that you have are perfectly normal. Everybody goes through it so don't even worry about it. You'll be fine.

haha, KC, it can be :P<br />
<br />
Thank you, Chozy. I've seen some college life (I took a summer course and lived on campus for eight weeks this past summer) but I'm still scared of what it will be like when I'm there for years on end

College life will be much different. Place I grew up in the Midwest was much the same and I felt fairly similarly to you, til I got out and met like minded folk. It's a diff world out there, and college is the starting point.

wow that must be sux