I Dont Know Wat He Wants

he sayd he likes me. but at first he was only after getting w/ me for 1 nite. like 2 use me & stuff. but now hes all like i wanna go out w/ you. but its weird. i like him. but i dont. i dont even know if i should waste my time because his original intentions were wwrong. like seriously how much can one person change in 4 months? should i give hima  chance? i dont wanna get hurt which is one of my biggest fears. or should i just avoid him?
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4 Responses Aug 4, 2007

Follow your instincts, don't second guess yourself. If you give it a try then tell him what you are not looking for and hold to it. Good luck. And none of us want to get hurt but it does happen and you have to take a chance otherwise you wont get anywhere. If you don't take chances then you wont grow.

say no because your gonna get hurt

If you give him another chance have a LONG talk with him before you do. Tell him what the other person suggested. Judge wether he seems sincere or not. Listen to your gut, it's ussally right. If you feel for some reason you can not trust him, go with that feeling.<br />
I have a fear of getting hurt too, I've built walls to avoid that. And I finally was able to let some one in, my now ex, and it hurt like hell, but I did learn a lot. Just be careful and go with your instincs.

You have no idea how much someone can change in 4 months.<br />
If he seems sincere, I say take the chance. But make it clear that you want something more than 1 night stands, and that if he doesn't treat you well, it's over.<br />
Don't budge on that, no matter what.<br />
<br />
And hun, getting hurt is something that will always happen to you. It's part of what makes you grow wiser. You can't be an experienced veteran if you never went to war.<br />
<br />
If you like him, try it out.