Sooner Or Later

Hi, i am Giedre
I live in Lithuania which is in Europe Union.
I am 17 yrs old and I will soon be a senior in high school.
Whole year I was preparing for SAT test and studies in US, i have chosen my universities and everything, but now my mother decided that we don't have enough money because the tests (SAT and TOEFL) cost about $300 and then there are many another fees, visa, trip to USA, and the chance that i don't get in. and we cannot afford it.
Now i don't know if i should apply to some Scotland or Denmark schools because they are free , but still , i would have to take IELTS test (about $300) or should i take year-off, but what to do then?
And i don't know what do i want to study exactly , because i like psychology, politics, philosophy,social sciences,cultures... And my real dream is to sing and act.

i guess that's it.
kissmek kissmek
1 Response Jul 23, 2010

Hey. I live in South Africa. im 17 and dont what to do after school but would love to follow my dream of being a pilot but thats obviously not what people want to do. <br />
I thought to myself if i do anything else i wont enjoy it. So i decided to follow my deam and one day start a import export company obviously to do with my 1 true love. FLYING