Which Way Is Up

once again this is my little disclose that my spelling is bad my grammar is even worse so just bare with me :D

look around you and all you see is up down and around every corner what you use to have and what could have been but the thing is this is you, this is what you are and without everything i wouldnt be who i am today without it so i ask is it up or down i go? no its whether or not you choose to go the way you want, you controll you and when things get rough we have the instinct to let go to run away and stand for only a little bit, to me when i look in the mirror i want to see the man i think i am i want to feel as though as i am everything i preach to be but then i relook through the things ive done and do and know that i am only human, simply thinking a god would walk among man is saying that rain would never fall on a cloudy day, bascially it will happen but we are all human, we all make mistakes even god, days go by and i think to myself is it depression setting in or am i just lonely once again so i find my self tracing my old steps while trying to pave a new road but how do you continue to do something you have never done, how do you build a tower without a hammer or blueprints? i ask these questions all the time and learn life will come and go as it pleases it is just a matter of whether you are there or gone, take it step by step and look by your side and you will always see what matters the most, i once saw this quote that really meant something to me and that is if you dont know what you want to do or make a choice on something flip a coin, not to let the coin make the outcome but for that split second when the coin is in the air you know what you are hoping for, and i got the greatest kick out of that cause its true, i know now im lost with going into a new enviornment and basically starting a new life, trying to start over with love, prosperity and everything in general i know a little about me but to be honest i always thought i could never be me without that special someone well i dont know who i am proving wrong them or me but i know things never look as bright as they are so i carry my umbrella with me at all times cause when you live in florida you never know when it is going to rain.
HippieFreak6989 HippieFreak6989
22-25, M
Dec 15, 2012