The Misunderstood

My family thinks I haven't been acting like myself. All of sudden it's a crime to want to have a social life? I'm starting to grow up. I'm not a girly-girl. I'm not going to wear pink all the time. Yeah, I wear black once in a while. That doesn't mean I'm emo. Yeah, i like black. But I'm not obsessed with it. I haven't been acting like myself because I'm starting to grow up. I cant be a little girl forever. I'm starting to realize which direction my life is going in. My mom thinks I'm going to the dark side, but she's in a different country. How can she judge a behavior from all the way to Mexico.? I'm not around her enough for her to tell me who i am and how i act. She needs to understand that I'm starting to change.
SecretIsOut SecretIsOut
13-15, F
2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

I understand things might be different for girls, but I had that problem, my mother didnt understand that i was becoming someone different, not a child anymore. You just have to make her understand that it's not because your way of life is altered that you are a different person. Make her understand she'll always be your mother, and that she won't loose you. That should reassure her. Hope all goes well :)

thanks :)

and changing can be good my friend

yeah thanks for bein here for me, bro :)