when i first found EP i talked mostly about my depression...and people got mad at me. so i tried being more light hearted started flirting a lot and talked about sex a lot....and people got mad at me. i tried talking about politics and religion....and people got mad at me. the last few days i've been talking about my personal demons....and people got mad at me. today i shared what someone had said in a comment on one of my stories and i agreed with him....and he got mad at me!!!! so i give up! this is the last story i'm sharing for awhile. no more stories, blogs, confessions or comments.

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thats ok hun i never held it against ya!

you were mad at me the day we met TOCM if you remember correctly....i made bad joke you took it seriously then i think it was IT who explained the crazy guy (me) to you LOL

i just don't handle personal attacks against me very well i will rarely defend myself....friends i'll defend myself and my personal opinions no

LOL, have you not figured out that some people just get mad, no matter what? Don't try and please everyone, just be you! There is nothing wrong with you, you are human - we all share that same dis-ease. =)

I wouldn't care what other people think. If u feel like expressing urself then do it for you.

I have never met you and I won't get mad at you!! Please share with us...everyone should be able to feel free to share!

I am sooooo mad at you for writing this story about not writing stories! AAAARRRG! <br />
<br />
Not really. LOL!<br />
<br />
Hi! How are you?

No matter what you say RIck there will always be someone who will get mad and disagree with you. Lucky for us, we live in a country that gives freedom of speech. We can call up the President and tell him his last decision was totally wrong and he sucks! Some countries would take that opinion as a personal threat and you'd be shot for even thinking it.<br />
<br />
Try not to take things so personal. We cannot please everyone and just because someone gets mad does not mean our opinion or view is wrong. I try to laugh at those idiots who try to personally attack me over something so stupid. You are entitled to talk about anything and everything here on EP. For every 1 idiot there are 5 friends that love you!

**** em! u have the right to say what u want to, just like anyone else on here.