I Don't Know What To Do Now

Hi, I was searching on the internet and came across this site where people share their views on life. Therefore I want to share mine and feel better.

It's been 9 months that I got married and yes it was a love marriage. I don't know why after marriage everything changed, my wife doesn't understand me anymore. She is not ready to take responsibilities at all. Sometimes I regret that I got married to her. She is not happy either, but says that she still loves me. I don't know whether I love her or not. I feel that I could have enjoyed my life a little more before getting married. In a recent incident she said that I'm uncool and she started comparing me with other guys. I just hate this part, why should I be compared to anyone in this world. I got furious and called her parents and sent her home for sometime. I felt really better during those days when she was not there with me. I felt that I can now live my life to the fullest without bothering about anything else. But after some days I felt that this is it, I have to face the realty and call her home. Before that she had expressed that she wanted to come back asap. I was taking my own time to make up my mind. She is completely spoiled by her parents. She always keeps comparing her parents with me or my parents. Some times I regret why I ever I got married to this lady, who doesn't even think before speaking.

I see many new faces and I meet many new people and feel that I should be happy like them. But, I'm not happy. I have a good job, but not so great salary. I feel bored at home with the same routine of me helping my wife in the kitchen and working till 12am. She goes to sleep as soon as she finishes her dinner. I want a break from the usual routine and want my life to get better. I don't know what to do about my wife. Is that ok to get divorced? Will I be happy being single again?
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It's sad to see couple end this way ...Routine- Cold...<br />
My advice for you is... to talk to her before deciding continue this relationship or cut it .. take a rest from your work for a wile and decide to go with her in any nice places in your city or out ... Communicate with her try to understand her ..and let her understand you well...Tell her the things that make you sad....she is your wife :) <br />
<br />
I wish to you all the luck