No Passion For Life

Im only 25 yr old people that meet me out on the weekends..they describe me as fun beautiful smart..ect...none of that i feel is me..see when the weekend ends i go back to "hibernation" i sleep most of the doing nothing with my life..when i think about my life my mind literaly gets overwhelmed and goes rather be asleep living in a dream then my own reality..i feel like a burden to myparents who support me 100 percent..i bring in no income because i simply cannot bring myself to do somthing..not because i am lazy..i hate sleeping all day.. but because i am scared i dont fit in and adapt to any environment beside a club/party one..i dont feel as if i know how to be proffesional or that any one would take me serious for that matter..and everytime i have tried to choose a career it was picked out of rush and pressure and i NEVER finish ne thing because of this fear..i cry everyday for god to give me strength ..i would never hurt myself but somedays i just wish somthing would happen to me so i dont have to keep living everyday in my parents house feeling like a body with no soul..i cant afford proffesional help..i just dont know what to do.
needshelpn needshelpn
2 Responses Oct 4, 2010

i feel your pain every day feels like yesterday and nothin ever seems to change for the better. its good to hear u would never hurt yourself your stronger then i am

my brother wrote this and he killed himself recently. rest in peace kjharp711

you just need to learn how to take things day by day...seems to me that your under depression have you tried to seek help for these problems that you have? also when you feel the need to sleep try surrounding your self around postive things like family, friends or pets the more you keep your mind occupied you'll eventually leave that stage and so on...