I'm Lost...

I screwed up my life. I'm a senior in college majoring in something that will basically get me no where. I want to go to graduate school but I don't know for what. I want to be successful and find a good job, but that doesn't seem possible. I didn't do enough research for schools and now I'm stuck. I have limited time to decide what to do and I honestly don't know what to do with my life. Awesome.
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6 Responses Nov 15, 2010

I've been through that before. I can't decide what course to take so I took what my aunts suggested and after a year decided to quit. I believe all of us would go through uncertainties at some point in our lives.

I am exactly where you are right now. Not knowing what to do with my life was something that I never really anticipated. I was on the fast track, graduated high school with honors, got a full scholarship, and am in my last year of college as well in a major I don't want to be in either. I just cant see a future for myself either and so what I did was take a braek this semester from university to figure things out. i figured that if im that bothered about it, ill take some time off to see wut i can do about it. what i can do with my life. Find something interesting, or something that interests me. and definitely something that can take me somewhere. I have to say that a couple of months into my semester off and im still not seeing it. I guess it was something i just had to do. and now that i have done it, i guess i realize that i just have to do wut i have to and graduate university first then, go ahaed search for something. as frustrating as searching can be.

hi, england speaking. yes, time is what you do have at this time. be proud at how far you have come today, keep that in mind and be confident that only you can choose your future. remember when you choose your subjects, ask yourself why,back then you choose them. what did you want to do then, can you remember the excitement and the fear of starting something new. try to grasp that feeling again, it will come. but never forget how far you have come today and be proud and life will be awesome again. you only end up nowhere if you head in that direction. sit down, make plans, do you have hobbies, could you do voluntary work in a new area to you, something you never thought of doing. i wish you well and in years to come when you have made a success of your life you will look back at this time and see how far you have come.

Think about the future you would like and where you would like to be living. If it's in another town or country, find out what type of job you could do that would give you the life you want if you were living in that palce/country. If you want to live in a city and work for a corporate company, research the jobs available now that have a good salary and then create a plan, working back in small steps, everything you need to do to get yourself from (A) today to (B) your ideal lifestyle, workplace and salary. It's never too late - you jsut need a plan to put yourself on a path to success.

Yes, take your time. Figure out what you want in life. I can relate to you -- feeling it's the end of the world. But in reality, it is not. :)

You don't have limited time. People say we are still young so, take your time.