I Feel Like I Am Being Pushed!!!

I am 20yrs old. I got married when i was only 19. I married a wonderful man who is loving, supportive(very), caring, and humorous. He is from Nigeria,and where he comes from i guess that they are highly pushy when it comes to knowing what you should do in your career. Well, at this point I am just getting over my first year of college and marriage as well. Before I even started my first year of college my husband asked "What do you want to do in life?" ......I then told him " I am not sure. I do love to write though." From then on i always see him looking up writing classes for me, asking me what major will i choose, have i been practicing my vocabulary, ect. I mean all this stuff that i am saying is seriously annoying. I know he means well, but at the same time i need to look at other things i like to do (like art). At this point i dont know what i wanna do just yet. I know my husband just want to be supportive in what i want, but i wish he could understand that "I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY LIFE" .... (for right now).
DiScReTePoEt DiScReTePoEt
18-21, F
May 7, 2012