Career Choices

I am a complete mess.

however, my resume would argue otherwise.

I have everything going for me but idk if my career choice is right for me.

I separated from the military in 2011 and I am working with a company that pays me almost 6 figures annually.
I will have my bachelors degree in intelligence studies in two months.
I was accepted into Penn state for a masters program but i'm starting to feel that my career choice us completely wrong.

I'm creative and artistic but I wouldn't be able to drop work go back to school and live the lifestyle i'm currently living.
It isn't like I can drop all my bills. My 700 monthly car payment has another 3 years left.

I guess this situation would be much easier if I could just figure out what I actually wanted to do.
I've considered architecture and interior design butI don't know if the out look is even great. (I could move back in worth the parents and use my gi bill benefits).

I hear of horror stories where students complete their undergrad and are unable to find a job.
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1 Response May 21, 2012

Try this site:

It takes you through a bunch of assessment questions and gives you some ideas.

Hope this helps.