I seriously feel lost right now. I'm 18 and a freshmen in college. By the end of this semester I will be one credit short of being considered a sophomore. Sometimes I feel like college isn't for me, but I know I won't have much luck getting a job without it. I'm debating taking a year off, but worry about how behind it will put me. Also, my sister lives two states away and being away from her is extremely hard. She graduates in May this year, so we want to do something together after that, but we don't know what. I could move to her state and work with that year off, we could do mission trips with that year off, or other misc. things I guess. I just don't know. My parent's don't approve of me taking a year break. I just want to get away, but I have NO idea where I want to go to school and application dates are coming up fast. I'm seriously stressed. Online classes are another option. Just endless options. I just don't know.
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Jan 8, 2013