The Year End!

Right now, I really dont know what to do in my life. I was betrayed by my own husband, however I do know the reason. Man usually look for something who will be there partner in there life. Someone who is completely sane and not the one who is insane. I do know the reason why he did this kind of betrayal He Did to me, yet even for once he didn't tell me the truth.

I couldn't accomplish anything. My emotion and psychological thinking were already poisoned. I am afraid God is angry with me because of what is happening to me. I am considering this thing as a torment in this life. I am seeking for forgiveness from him. I cant loss him...but now that he did betrayed me...and my attitude wer somehow not in good condition. My social life were somehow not in good...I no longer don't know what to do...=(
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I understand. You must let him go. My ex partner was running away and left 2 children in my care. I was very regretting that I had chosen him to be my partner. We couldn't get a long each other for 7 years. I have moved on to my life. The last news about my ex-partner is struggling in financial and can't get any permanent job. I have better life than him.

want to talk about it?

thank you for the concern but this sickness is getting on me.

ok i just read this story and i had to ask you if u wanted to talk about it i just wanted to help have a great day and i hhope u feel better

i do wanted to talk in the sense there is nobody i can talk to with this kind of this disease. Here in my hometown this is nothing, but for me it is something my dear!

well where i come from its something and again message me if u want to talk so everyone cant see what we say to each other

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