Really Don't Know?!?

I'm in college at the moment and I don't have a clue why, if people ask I ust say I'm killing time, I don't have a clue what I wanna do when I leave, most people say they can see me working with animals, but the thing is I get really bored of things easily, for example, my best subject i college is Art, and it's my strongest area, however because I get bored so easily and easily distracted, I nearly managed to fail it in AS year. How can I prevent myself getting so distracted so that I can actually plan what I want to do?
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i am 20 and i have so many friends that are in the same position as you. Find something you LOVE rather than what you are GOOD at. and don't be wasting all your money on stuff you find boring! if you want to stay in this field i suggest getting a planner or daytimer and keep track of what you are doing to make things more exciting. When in class really think about what this is going for you and how your future will be affected by this class and maybe that will make you listen more intently

Hey. I'm 27, dropped out of 2 universities and never graduated..and still haven't decided where my heart belongs...while this is the age that all of my friends graduated and married - i'm not. So it is the time to feel "ugly duckling" but this also good time to believe the clearance will just come out of nowhere, one day. Need to imagine yourself decided...i think.

I am in your exact situation. Im 20, in college.. I have no idea what i'm going to do when i'm older or if i'll be successful. The only thing i'm good at is art i guess. :I

Suzer is on point. Don't stress, you'll find what you want to do in time.

Unfortunately (and not like I'm any big expert here), being distracted is the best way to figure out what you might want to do. In some cases. I had to try several different things before I found out whether or not they were right for me. The process of elimination works better for some people than trying to jump full-fledged into something right away and not realizing that it's just not for you. Stay focused, but don't push it. When you find something you like to do, you'll know it.