3 Years of College and Still Lost?

Alright, I am almost finished with my 3rd year in college as a music education major. I have been struggling knowing that it isnt what I want to do, but some how I am afraid or ashamed to face that fact. I know I should change my major, but the hardest thing is I am so far in yet I have so far to go, but if I switch my major i pretty much need to start from square one since almost none of the credits for the major will transfer into any other credit. I stress out over it every day...I have been considering taking a semester off to just work, save up money, think about options, but I am afraid if I do that I will never finish.

Tonic123 Tonic123
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 23, 2009

Advice from an old coot - DO NOT TAKE TIME OFF from your studies. DO change your major. If you are not totally sure what you want to do take some different courses that you might like. My son didn't graduate from college until he was 33. He has enough credits for about five degrees but wound up as a registered nurse (Army Captain) because thats what he REALLY LIKES. Life is too short to do something we don't want to. Hell, you have to do things that suck in life anyway - why add more to your burden?<br />
I can tell by your question that you are an achiever. Go out and find what you really want to do - then do it. And do not worry about what your parents, your siblings, your friends - ANYONE tells you. It is your life. Be happy in it. Go get "em, and if life knocks you down just get up, dust yourself off, and go again. <br />